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Urea is the most widely used nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture because it can offer the biggest amount of nitrogen for the lowest costs. read more





Medilabor di Odore Dott. Carlo (Medilabor) is a sole proprietorship entity located in Cavalermaggiore (CN) in the Province of Cuneo in the Italian region Piedmont. It has initiated its activities in 1974. Medilabor owns several plants for the production of solid and liquid formulations for animal husbandry and agriculture and a laboratory for quality control analyses. Medilabor currently develops three types of correlated activities: Medilabor is continuously engaged in innovating its products and services carrying out own research and development activities, mainly aimed at improving the environmental performance of its products. More in particular it has been engaged lately in the characterisation of zeolite and the possibilities for its transformation and application in the agricultural sector, in animal nutrition and sewage effluent and depuration of waste water.

As far as this project concerns, Dr. Carlo Odore, the owner of Medilabor, holds the European patent No. 1379558 for a new fertilizer (urelite) that provides a slow-release of nitrogen. As Medilabor is not able to exploit this patent by realizing a production process for this new product in its own premises lacking technologies for the elaboration of zeolite, it planned a collaboration with Gruppo Minerali Maffei, and in particular its daughter Minerali Industriali, which has capacities to experiment and realize such production process. The experimentations will be object of this project.

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