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Minerali Industriali S.p.A.

Minerali Industriali S.p.A. is an Italian company dedicated to the production and sales of raw materials for the production of glass, tiles and sanitary. It was founded in 1984 and owns several mines and quarries in northern Italy and in Lazio, and also various plants for the treatment of its raw materials. In particular the ACDAL mine of Lozzolo (Province of Vercelli) is in function from the beginning of 900: 300 employees excavate, at that time, by hand clays between the most famous. Today, in Lozzolo, the production is most of all dedicated to white and red tiles and to synthetic granites sectors.

Minerali Industriali is constantly analyzing the real needs of its customers, and investing in innovation in order to satisfy their requests as much as possible. It opens it interests as well to new sectors, where its specific expertise in grinding and separation technologies might be useful. As such, the collaboration with MEDILABOR is seen as an interesting opportunity to industrially develop a patented innovation in the agricultural and horticultural sector.

In Masserano (Province of biella), apart from the production of primary materials for single-fired tiles, porcelain and sanitary, advanced technological sectors are served by products which are micronized until 2 micron, useful in ceramic, rubber, plastics and silicon industries.
From November 1st, 2007 Minerali Industriali S.p.A. incorporated the activity of Ecomin S.p.A. and S.I.P.I. S.p.A, where it applied several innovative technologies in favour of the environment: Ecomin mainly produces sodium potassium feldspar for the ceramic tiles and sanitary industry, derived from white and pink granite Advanced techniques have been developed which permit the recovery of refuses from the treatment of granite as ornamental stone. Thanks to this, an excellent product for porcelain tiles and sanitary ceramics can be obtained, using a material which is otherwise discharged in landfills in the zone of Lago Maggiore. The methodology permits on the one hand to avoid the exploitation of new extraction sites, and on the other hand to restore ugly and dangerous landfills which exist since hundreds of years.
Also within the S.I.P.I. production plant important contributions to the environment have been achieved: Blast furnace slag of cast iron production is recycled into vitritis, a precious additive for the glass industry. Vitritis increases the productive capacity of the furnace, accelerates the refining of the batch, and reduces significantly consumption of energy as it permits to lower the fusion temperature.