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Urea is the most widely used nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture because it can offer the biggest amount of nitrogen for the lowest costs. read more


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 October 2013

The demonstrative experimentations were carried out on sites in Piedmont and Lombardy. The sites were selected during 2012. To this end, an invitation was published on this website and, with the cooperation of sector representative organisations and local public authorities, on their proper websites.
During the month of July 2013 the distribution and spreading of the new fertilizer on the plots selected for the testing phase was successfully completed. In October 2013, a representative number of samples of soil and crops was collected for the analysis and subsequent evaluation of the results.

The operation was repeated in 2014 on nearly all the plots involved in 2013, to obtain more reliable data on the efficacy of the product. The analyses were completed in 2015 and reported in the deliverables that can be found in the section materials at the left side of this page.