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UNIZEO project

Urea is the most widely used nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture because it can offer the biggest amount of nitrogen for the lowest costs. read more



Final report  annexes

Inception report annexes (IR Annex)

Midterm report annexes (MTR Annex)

Final report  annexes

Inception report annexes (IR Annex)

Midterm report annexes (MTR Annex)

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 Agosto 2015

UNIZEO project published a user manual that explains farmers what Urelite does and how to use the product.
Moreover, most of the project's technical deliverables have now been published on this website, see under materials on the left sidebar of this page.

 March 2015

On March 27, 2015 at the theater of the Salesian Schools of Lombriasco (TO) it was held the final conference of the Project UNIZEO (LIFE10 ENV / IT / 347).
The activities carried out in these three and a half years of work were presented to the numerous participants: about 60 participants representing farms, institutional bodies, associations and students.

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List of speakers:

Final Conference
1 - Salvetti
2 - Minerali Industriali
3 - Marchello
4 - Disafa
5 - Medilabor
6 - Mocioni
7 - Sonneveld

 March 2015

On March 27, 2015 at the Salesian Schools of Lombriasco (Turin) will be presented the final conference of the Project UNIZEO. In the coming days it will be published on this website the event poster.

Download the poster: italian - english

 February 2015

The project Unizeo was included in the publication by the European Commission entitled 'Life and Climate change mitigation' (p. 58 and 87). Click to read

 February 2015

Second year of activities on the fields

The activity was carried out as planned; the farms involved in the first year of experimentation have agreed to confirm to the second year of activity.
The results of the previous year have been confirmed with the addition of a further positive aspect for the nitrogen balance: the nitrogen surplus in the second year were in general lower with Urelite compared with control and this can give a positive effect in relation to the risk of nitrates leaching. Also the content of nitrogen in the soil, at the end of the crop cycle, were lower in the plots fertilized with Urelite compared with control treatment. The report will be published soon and it will be organized in March (date to be defined) the final conference of the project.

 December 2014

Workshop "Using natural zeolitites in agronomic and zoo-technical field" - December 15, 2014
Department of Chemistry and Geology - University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

The project Unizeo participated in the workshop organized by colleagues of the LIFE ZEOLife project exposing the results obtained after the first year of activity. Simone Salvetti (Minerali Industriali Srl) described the project in general, Gianni Marchello was responsible to present the technical characteristic of the new fertilizer Ureilite and Carlo Odore (Medilabor) summarized the field results obtained in the first year of activity.

Flyer: click to download

 August 2014

First year of activity on lands. Representative photos of the various phases: from the new fertilizer application on lands to the harvest.

 May 2014

We are finalizing the activities of the new fertilizer application on the lands involved in the second year of trial, according to the scheduled program. Soon, a report with the results of the first year of activity will be published on this web site. On 29 May, the internal monitor of the EC carried out a monitoring visit to the project Unizeo. Two parcels of land in which the tests have been conducted using the new fertilizer, respectively Lombriasco (TO) for corn and Faule (CN) for wheat, have been shown. The visit continued in Carmagnola with a projection of the results achieved in the first year of monitoring activities on the fields and it ended with an overview of project status with technical / financial checks.

 August 2013

The Unizeo Life+ Project at the Open-day for ‘seeds producing Companies’ held on 28th at Podere Pignatelli Institute with exposure of notice boards.
picture 1 - picture 2

 April 2013 - Second Newsletter

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 March 2013 - Second monitoring visit

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 January 2013 - ‘LIFE’s Blueprint for water resorces’

The Unizeo project has been included in the publication of the European Commission entitled: ‘LIFE’s Blueprint for water resources’ (p. 29)
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 Maggio 2012 - Flyer Unizeo

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 January 2012 - The Unizeo website is on-line

From January 2012 the Project Life+ Unizeo “Urea-based nitrogenous fertilizers coated with zeolite: reducing drastically pollution due to nitrogen” website is on-line. On the website it can be found all the details of the project including reports and updates.